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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wrap It Up

So you know I had to blog about this ever-spreading epidemic that causes waves and waves of after math effects. UNPROTECTED SEX. Many of us do it- and I think all fashionistas should stand against this and all agree that condoms are en vogue! It only takes a second to put on a Jimmy Hat and if you live in the New York area there is no excuse! Free condoms are everywhere around the city! Any party or festival you go to they throw them at you encouraging you to use them so follow through! Wear a condom every time! And a tip for the ladies; ALWAYS carry condoms with you. Don't leave it up to the men. Think about it- if we left the responsibility to them then who is to blame when we are late on our period? You know the dangers so lets all be responsible in 2010! much love ;-*

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