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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bella Terra Shimmer 9 Stack

This phenomenal product retails for about 69.99 but it is totally worth it! Bella Terra Cosmetics are an all natural line of makeup and the 9 stack shimmers are 100% natural minerals. Bella Terra is made for the most sensitive skin in mind. These shimmers easily blend and can become nail polish when blended with clear nail polish. These shimmers can be blended with lotion for an all over body shimmer effect. They become lip gloss when blended with clear lip gloss and so on. The 9 stack pictured was a gift from my best friend Shaika and it is called "Mother of Pearl". This 9 stack is a great investment for those of you looking for something very versatile.

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  1. you can get me that for my bday =)since shaika will notice if i steal hers lol