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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She Got Her Nails Done Up.

Living in the New York City area no matter how fashion forward you may be. There is a trend that all women can actively be a part of, and by the looks of it this trend is here to stay for a while. I'm talking about nails girls! Acrylics, Gel, UV Gel, all that. But I'm not talking about "Plain Jane" french manicure nails, I'm talking about the once looked down upon "around the way" girl nails. It just happens that nail art has become the latest craze in high society. But no one does it better than the girls on the streets of NEW YAWK.
My very own interpretation on the zebra Nails. This is what $10 bucks in the BX gets you ;).
3D Nail Design
For the Fashionistas
Chicks who Rock Kicks
One of my Best Gyals Cheetah/Diamond/Yellow short and square acrylics.
Posted this vid for your listening entertainment! Enjoy

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