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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Men In Pink

This Summer I would like to see my fellas in something other than those white tees that come in $10 four-pack, pause! I have a weakness for men in Pastels! Ladies- Dont wait for your man to hop on this concept, go out and pick up some cute pastel tees or even maybe a one button blazer for Spring 2010. You know once you buy them pastel easter inspired clothes they are gunna want some footwear to coordinate with... (hence the first picture below)

Nike Hi-Top Gingham Dunks 2010
Flower Cap, Shirt and Jacket by Satyenkumar. Pink Bow Tie by Made with Hands painted by stylist.

Ignore Jigga and Cudi. Peep Eva's ex-boo (Lance Gross) in Lilac/Lavender! Ugh! To DIE for!

Mr. West coordinating with his smoothie!

Yours Truly! xoxoxo

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