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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Living in the "HELL of Fashion"?

As many of my followers know I go to LIM College. A small business oriented fashion school located in midtown Manhattan. I am currently taking a fundamental class there where we are learning about where fashion has been. Just last week my class was assigned to do a "decade project" on various decades of fashion in America. It came across to me in a lecture that fashion is indeed DEAD. I starting to wonder where we went wrong with this form of art. Ever since time there has been a cohesive look to the men and women of the time except for the decade we now live in. Up until the 1980's people actually used to put effort and relevance into their clothing choices. Going to the movies was an event to look your best. Now whenever I go to the movies I see the youth of America wearing pajamas outside or rocking the infamous legging trend. When someone thinks of the 1920's they think of the flapper explosion and the shorter loose fitting clothing women wore to liberate themselves. The 1930's was a time of class, sophistication and glamour. But what does the 2000's say? One thing is true- the people of today do not have a cohesive look. It has been the individual taste instead of the well thought out movement to one classic decade look. My theory is that after the 1980's the psyche of the American people changed. Ever since we have been incorporating spandex work out looks into the wardrobe of Americans its actually never left. Ever season they have been using 80's influences. From acid wash destroyed denim to the leggings craze which has taken the world by storm, we are living in the HELL of fashion. The 90's were all about loose grungy street look with influences from rock and roll, and hip hop. But to have a "trickled-up" fashion theory is what scares me. Designers aren't designing clothes to recreate the woman. The woman of today is starting the newest trends on the street that will end up on a Chanel runway. Having a down-ward theory to fashion is how it has always been and now since the streets tell the runway what's hot the world is truly doomed. This phenomenal change in fashion forecasting has caused a decade of treacherous clothing mistakes and fashion faux paus. I'm sure that between 2010-2020 that this inevitable downward spiral of trying to recreate the past will continue and what we wore in 2000 we will be still wearing in 2020. Welcome to HELL. Because like Hip Hop- fashion is truly dead.

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